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To Juice Cleanse or Not To Juice Cleanse?


To juice cleanse or not to juice cleanse, that is the question. It has become very popular for people of all ages to consider participating in a multi-day “juice cleanse” or juice detox. It isn’t a new fad, in fact many people in the eighty’s embraced juicing and exercise as a lifestyle. Though in the past few years, juicing and juice cleanses have become very lucrative.

So Should You Juice Cleanse?

Whether you juice at home or buy juice at a local juice bar, there is no shortage of people, companies and products trying to share juicing products. With a variety of curable diseases taking the lives of millions of people worldwide, many have turned to juicing as a way to live healthier. Though there is currently no conclusive evidence that supports juicing as a proven successful method of curing any disease, many believe and have experienced the healthful benefits of juicing.

For many, juicing organic vegetables and fruits that are rich in nutrients can support the body when toxic symptoms appear. Many minerals found in fresh juice products are assimilated by the body and can replenish deficient minerals in organs that work really hard to filter out toxic matter. The organs that play an important role in filtering toxins that enter the body through food, air and water sources would include the lungs, kidneys, skin and intestines. These organs play an essential role in keeping our bodily systems clean. Their job is to remove toxic substances or at the very least, prevent toxic substances from overloading other intricate body systems.

Won’t My Body Get Rid Of “Toxins” On Its Own?

Nutrition and overall vitality can be depleted each day by the average lifestyle, average stress levels and average eating habits. There is a need to restore the body with essential nutrients that can be easily found in the variety of ingredients used to make fresh juices. Sure the lungs, liver and gastrointestinal tract are all designed to help the body stay alive and in balance. However, stress and eating habits are the two main protagonists that can compromise the healthy generation of cells. This builds the foundation for the case to participate in a juice cleanse.

However, juice cleansing isn’t for everyone. There is a science to it and it can cause more problems than it solves for some people. Some people need fiber, and juice cleansing doesn’t provide much per serving. Also, some juices contain too much fruit sugar and can elevate blood sugar levels. Just be cautious and do research to find out what is best for your health and well being.

If You Decide Juicing Is For You…

Some of the ideal ingredients to use in juicing recipes for supporting the organs of detoxification include lettuce, dark green kale, carrots, beet greens, cilantro, parsley, celery sticks, spinach, dandelion greens, cabbage both purple and green and lemons. Other vegetables that add a variety of nutrients and flavor are roots including burdock, ginger, daikon and turmeric. Many of these ingredients have been known to contain properties that may help reduce inflammation and boost immunity.

Remember to have a solid, well thought out reason for juicing. It isn’t for everyone, all the time. Many people juice for a week once a quarter. Some juice every day. Find what works for you and your family.

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