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How to Make Veggie Recipes without Losing Flavor


It is very important to have plenty of vegetables in your diet, because they are very good for your health. Many of them are known to play an active role in fighting cancer, heart conditions and diabetes, some of the most widespread deadly diseases in the modern world.

Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and various nutrients, which is why they are a great energy source. There is even more; when you eat plenty of veggies, it will show on the outside, making you look younger and more beautiful.

Unfortunately, eating vegetables is seen as a burden, something that one must strive to do just to get the health benefits.

Of course, what these people do not know is that veggies can be great tasting, too. With the ideas offered in this article, they will be able to make good delicious recipes that they will love.

Veggies can be boiled, roasted, grilled, fried and so on. You just need to learn which cooking methods and recipes are best for keeping and enhancing flavor.

With the help of the following guide, you, too, will be able to cook healthy meals with vegetables.

Never overcook your vegetables. Let them cook until you notice them turning their colors from their bright hues to darker ones. This simple rule will help you keep your veggies succulent and tasty.

Let’s start learning about the best ways to cook your veggies in order to obtain heavenly tastes:

Why steaming is better than boiling

Many people choose to boil their vegetables, because it is easy and convenient. You just need to fill a pot with water, throw the veggies inside and let them boil. In case you want your recipe to be tastier, you need to add a pinch of salt and plenty of spice that work well with your veggies.

The problem with boiling is that it is not the best way to cook vegetables. When you boil vegetables, they lose some of their nutrients. Even more, they become less tasty than in their raw form. All in all, boiling is not the healthier, nor the tastiest method to cook veggies, especially if you want to combine taste with health benefits.

Instead of boiling, choose steaming. This method guarantees that the veggies you cook will retain all the nutrients inside, and you will notice how they taste much better when cooked in this manner. A little salt, garlic and spices, are enough to make a very tasty dish that even the pickiest eaters will enjoy.

Steaming is not a complicated method of cooking. What you need is a good steamer for your kitchen, or a steaming basket to place over your pot when you cook vegetables. Various recipes are also available to make your steamed vegetables taste better.

Advantages of baking

Depending on the vegetables you like eating, you will discover that there are some that maintain a lot of their antioxidants, and nutrients when you bake them. They are also tastier. This category includes asparagus, peppers, broccoli and eggplants.
If you want to cook Brussels sprouts, choose roasting as cooking method, and you will obtain a delicious meal.

Stir frying

Also knows as sautéing, this method is healthy and delivers delicious results. The key to stir frying is to keep the veggies moving in the frying pan, while maintaining a high temperature. This is a very easy and fast cooking method. You will notice how your veggies will manage to retain most nutrients and vitamins, as well as their taste.

Stir frying is considered the least invasive method when it comes to maintaining flavor. If anything, it can even enhance it, and it is considered, for good reasons, a better cooking way than steaming or boiling. Adding spices and herbs makes for great, delicious meals.

The key to good stir frying is to be there all the time and stir the veggies so they do not get burned. If this happens, you can say goodbye to the great taste, and the healthy benefits that come with it.

Using the microwave
Using your microwave to cook veggies is efficient and fast. Also, it should be kept in mind that your veggies will not lose their natural nutrients, which means that you can enjoy tasty healthy meals cooked with the microwave.


How to Get Your Children to Eat Healthy Foods

eat healthy

If you were to leave your kids to act on their own accord, they would just go for sweets and nothing else. However, a healthy diet is very important for kids, as on it there are many things that depend, most of all their health as grownups.

Getting your children to eat only healthy foods can be a very difficult task. For them, veggies and fruits are not by far the tasty treats you know and love. Still, this does not mean that there is nothing you can do. The starting point is to get kids to develop healthy habits. Just as an example, a character from Gulliver’s Travels, is known for choosing to avoid giving children sweets until the age of 5 so they do not develop a sweet tooth.

What they do not know cannot hurt them, but your children may be already used to sweets or you find it too difficult to really keep them away from anything that is tasty and worth having. Here are some great ideas on how to replace the foods that are not good for them with healthier alternatives.

Replacements for sugar. It is a well known fact that kids are crazy about white refined sugar. This food is low in nutrients, and it also gives children sugar rush that makes them highly energetic when they should be sleeping. A good alternative to white sugar is the unrefined variety. According to scientific studies, this simple change can help your kids get the same amount of antioxidants as they would get from a serving of berries and nuts. Honey can also be used.

Ideas for ice cream. Ice cream is delicious, even adults know this very simple fact. However, ice cream bought from the store is not good for kids’ health. They are rich in preservatives, sugar and food coloring. A good solution is to start making ice cream at home, where you can keep an eye on all the ingredients used.

Make ice cream with fruits and unrefined sugar. The following proportions are most recommended: 40% fruit, 10% sugar (unrefined), and 50% heavy cream. You can use many different fruits, as they all make for a very delicious ice cream. If you are aiming for a low fat dessert, you can replace cream with yogurt.

How to get kids to eat veggies. Vegetables are probably the most abhorred of all foods when it comes to kids and eating habits. However, if you play your cards right and you make veggies more palatable, you will see that it is not really that hard. Adding some cheese and meat to the mix will make the vegetables more attractive. You can try a recipe of curry and rice, if you want a vegan diet. Also, using orange and pineapple juice to create a delicious marinade, you will have no problem serving grilled vegetables to your kids. Experiment with some seasoning as well; adding a bit of salt or something sweet can turn vegetables into something kids will like.

Here are other recipes you can try. Use whole breads for sandwiches and make pasta with veggies. Wraps are also a good idea, but go for low fat sauces, such as tomatoes with onions and herbs. The exquisite taste will make your kids ask for more!

Sauces may seem the most difficult to replace. Here is an idea: make your own mint sauce, as it works with many different foods. Adding flavor through the use of herbs and spice can make kids love healthy food tremendously.

Make your job easier. Cook some fun recipes and have the kids enjoy them.