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How to Replace White Flour in Your Diet


Changing your diet is not an easy feat. Many people are trying to make healthy changes by replacing the foods they enjoy eating, but are not healthy for them, with others that are better for their overall being.

White flour is one of the most used ingredients in the foods we eat. Bread, cakes, baking goods and different types of gravy are all made with white flour.

The problem with white flour is that it is not as nutritious as you think. And it is also rich in calories. In case that you are thinking that eating a healthy sandwich, but made with white bread, is healthier than eating a slice of pizza, you are wrong. The bread in the sandwich alone basically sacrifices all the benefits from the other contents of the sandwich.

White flour has a wide array of disadvantages; it has a lot of carbs, it is not as nutritious as whole grain, it makes you fat, and your body cannot digest it very well. If you replace only white flour alone from your diet, you will get to enjoy great benefits.

Here are some ideas on how to replace white flour with other, much healthier alternatives.

Flour obtained from whole wheat

This type of flour can be used for baking and cooking with great success and it is healthier than white flour.

Almond flour

If you are on a gluten free diet, you should consider almond flour as a great alternative to white flour. It is especially used for baking, and it is not as rich in carbs as white flour.

With its help, you can make healthy pancakes, cookies and muffins. As you can see, you can enjoy some healthy treats, without worrying for your health.

Another great advantage of this type of flour is that it is also a bit sweet because of the almond flavor. This means that you will not have to add as much sugar to your baked goods as you would when using white flour, enhancing the benefits even more.

Barley flour

Barley flour can be used in many different ways. Essentially, it is a good substitute to white flour when you want to bake breads, as it makes your dough more malleable and also healthier. You can use barley flour to make gravy or for sweetening your sauces.

Just like almond flour, barley flour is a bit sweet, which makes it good for baking. However, you need to follow a little tip, if you do not want the barley flavor to come across as a bit too heavy. Roast the flour just before using, and you will not have such a problem to deal with.

Buckwheat flour

This is the best gluten free alternative, as it does not contain wheat at all. A strong flavor is one thing to keep in mind when using buckwheat flour. It is also very dense, so you need to use it in certain ways, to make sure that these do not become impediments.

It is alright to use this variety of flour for pancakes and pasta, but you should avoid using it as a sauce thickener, as it is much too dense. The flavor can be too overpowering and it may just ruin your recipes, so make sure to add other types of flours when you cook with it.

Chickpea flour

Another gluten free alternative to white flour, especially recommended for people suffering from the Celiac disease is chickpea flour, also known as garbanzo flour.

You can use this type of flour to make hummus, crepes, or flatbreads. It must be noted that it contains a lot of protein and calcium, which adds to its advantages.

Oat flour

A handy solution to white flour is oat flour. This natural alternative is found in many whole oat products.

You can choose from low gluten and gluten free varieties. You can use it with great success for making baking goods, such as cookies.

Keep in mind that gluten free does not stand for healthy always, so make your choices carefully.

A bit of gluten is alright to have in your diet every day, unless you suffer from Celiac disease. There are many other aspects of your diet to focus on, if you want to stay healthy. The most important rule of all is to maintain a healthy balance.

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    • Thank you Leonie!!! This is fabulous! We are in the midst of getting our writers to prepare some research materials, ebooks, etc on food, dining, cooking, raw food, paleo, kitchen tools and gadgets…etc. Just tell us what interest you and your group and we will do up something and put it here or sent to you.

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