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dairy-cheese burger

Burgers are loved by everybody and they are among the most popular foods worldwide. Because of their great taste, not many people think that they can also be unhealthy. However, if you want a healthy alternative, there are some to consider.

So, what kind of burger should you eat, if your focus is on eating healthy, even when you are indulging in a burger?

What meat is the healthiest? Chicken? Turkey? Beef?

Taking into consideration calorie intake and fat, these three options are quite different from one another. Let’s take a look at these differences, so you can make an informed choice.

Calorie count and fat comparison per 8 ounce serving

8 ounces of beef stand for 349 calories, while the same serving of chicken is 275 calories. Turkey is the least rich in calories, with only 238 calories.

Fat Content

Fat content is also important. 8 ounces of beef contain 17 grams of fat, while chicken only 6 grams and turkey only 4 grams.


Protein is an essential nutrient for the human body. Beef has 46 grams for the indicated quantity, chicken has 51 grams, while turkey has 39 grams.

As you can see, by picking chicken or turkey for your burgers, you also make a healthy choice.

It is very important how you cook your burgers, too. The best way is to separate the fat from the burger, by using an oven broiler or a BBQ grill. When you use these methods, the fat drips while the burger cooks, so it does not stay on your meat.

Add some crumbled tofu if you want to eat lean beef burgers, but you are worried that it will come out too dry. Tofu is very good at retaining moisture, exactly what you want from your recipe.

Get more vegetables

Your burgers are tasty as they are, but if you add more vegetables to the mix, you will obtain some great results, much healthier, as well. Veggies that work great with burgers are tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, cucumbers, lettuce and avocado. They are rich in vitamins, but low in calories, which is great for any recipe.

How to go about the bun

You will also need to pay attention to what kind of bun you use if you want healthy burgers. White bread is not a good option, because it is hard to digest by the body and it is also rich in calories. Whole grain bread on the other hand has a much higher content of natural fiber and it can reduce the risk for heart diseases by 20%.

A good option: lettuce

If you want to lose weight, but still enjoy your burgers, here is a great idea. Instead of using a bun, wrap the burgers in lettuce leaves, for a great combination.

Healthy dressing alternatives

You cannot have a great tasty burger, without proper dressing.

Mayonnaise is often used as dressing for burgers, but it is clearly not the best idea, because of its rich content of calories and fat. Some decide to go for low calorie mayo varieties, but they do not know that these products have some ingredients that cannot be found in the traditional mayonnaise recipe.

These low calorie varieties are rich in modified corn starch, phosphoric acid, and xanthum gum, among other things. What is even worse, these varieties do not have a lot less calories. While traditional recipe has 40 calories, low calorie types have 35, so you can see why these are not recommended.

If you are truly seeking a healthy option, you should try canola oil mayonnaise, as it has no content of saturated fat.

Fat free dressing can be found in stores, but always check the labels. 1000 Island dressing, in its fat free version, is a good choice.

Cheese options

Skim cheese is your best choice for a healthy burger, because it is not so rich in fat. Of course, if you want to reduce the intake of fat, just forget about the cheese for good.

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