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Could Juicing Be The Next Fountain Of Youth?


Nobody wants to age, it just happens. For some, it happens gracefully. For many, there are health challenges that rear their ugly heads. At almost every stage of life, it can be a struggle to add fresh fruits and vegetables at meals. However juicing for health can at the very least diminish the negative effects of poor eating for every member of the family.

What Kinds Of Fruits and Veggies Are Beneficial For The Youth and the Anti-Aging Seekers?

Juicing is a great and fun way to get nutrition into the bodies of growing children and elders to ensure good nutrition for their body’s age appropriate needs. Many elders enjoy the taste of fresh juices and many are easy to digest. Elders may also enjoy juicing because it is a great way to consume abundant sources of nutrients very easily. Young children also enjoy the taste of fresh juices and many will prefer fresh juice more than boxed and pre-packaged juices. This is great for their growing bones. For both, drinking green juices that are high in calcium will be essential for bone strength. The trick is to find or create recipes that are pleasant to drink, are also refreshing and are packed with replenishing nutrition.

Fruit, including papaya and pineapple are all really good for providing digestive enzymes and vitamins. Many vegetables also contain some protein and amino acids, and antioxidants, which are essential during the aging years.

Namely, berries, roots and green leafy vegetables are packed with anti aging and vital nutrients, so try to use these types of fruits and veggies when considering juicing for the aging. Antioxidants and substances that neutralize the free radicals in the system ideally provide the body with what it needs to slow the aging process so make sure to find recipes that embrace these types of fruits and veggies.

Changing the juices and providing a variety is definitely an attractive feature for children and they would be fascinated with the colors and tastes reflected in the variety. Once family members pick their favorite juices, serving them as often as possible without getting bored will be beneficial in many ways. Using the favorite juice as a base, may also make it possible to add on a little portion of other fruits or vegetables to further enhance the nutrient content of the juice. You can also add a basic juices to a smoothie for increased nutrition in blended drinks.

Which Juice Is Best?

Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are especially beneficial for anti aging because of their high antioxidant levels. Some popular choices may include apple juice, pineapple and carrot juice, orange juice, orange and carrot juice, pear juice and apple and grape juice, but these are fruit juices, known to have higher sugar content than vegetable juices. Try combining fruits and vegetables together with a focus on less sweet vegetables including lettuces, kale, wheatgrass, cucumbers and celery. Experiment with what your family likes but keep it balanced and you’ll keep the family excited about juicing too.

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